Chronology of Grant's Final Campaign and Siege of Vicksburg

March 29 - July 4th, 1863

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Chronology entries in blue refer to Union operations; those in gray to Confederate operations; those in red to actual combat.

Date: Event:
March 29-30 McClernand (XIII Corps) begins moving down the west side of the river, to New Carthage.
April 16 First set of gunboats and transports runs past the Vicksburg batteries.
April 17 Grierson sets out from LaGrange, Tennessee.
April 22 Second set of transports runs past the batteries.
April 24 Grierson breaks railroad between Jackson and Meridian at Newton Station
April 29 Fleet fails to reduce Grand Gulf.

Sherman demonstrates north of Vicksburg.

April 30 Sherman continues his demonstration

XIII (McClernand) and XVII Corps (McPherson) begin crossing the Mississippi at Bruinsburg.

Sherman ordered to join Grant.

May 1 Battle of Port Gibson; McClernand and McPherson defeat Bowen.
May 2 Grierson reaches safety at Baton Rouge.
May 5-7 McPherson feints north at Vicksburg from Hankinson's Ferry on the Big Black River.
May 8 XV Corps (Sherman) joins Grant.
May 9 Johnston ordered to go from Tullahoma to Mississippi and take command in the field.
May 12 Battle of Raymond; McPherson defeats Gregg.
May 13 Joe Johnston arrives at Jackson to take command, wires Richmond, "I am too late."
May 14 Battle of Jackson; Sherman and McPherson defeat Johnston.
May 16 Battle of Champion Hill; Loring's division separated from Pemberton's army.
May 17 Battle of Big Black River Bridge; Pemberton loses 1700 prisoners.
May 18 Vicksburg invested; four Confederate divisions (Stevenson's, Bowen's, Forney's, and Smith's) are trapped inside the lines.
May 19 First assault.
May 22 Second assault.
June 3 Kimball's Provisional Division arrives.
June 6-7 Grant's Satartia trip.
June 7 Battle of Milliken's Bend; Confederates under Richard Taylor attack Grant's base on the west bank of the Mississippi, are repulsed.
June 11 F.J. Herron's division arrives from Arkansas.
June 12 1/XVI (W.S. Smith) arrives.
June 14 Two divisions of IX Corps begin to arrive from Kentucky.
June 18 McClernand relieved.
June 22 Sherman's expeditionary force formed.
June 25-28 Mine exploded under 3rd Louisiana Redan; active combat rages for three days before Federals withdraw.
June 28 Anonymous soldiers warn Pemberton the garrison is close to mutiny over rations.
July 1 Another mine exploded under 3rd Louisiana Redan, but no follow-up attack is made.

Pemberton asks his division commanders for their views of the situation.

July 2 Capt. Comstock issues guidelines for proposed July 6 assault.
July 3 Flag of truce appears between the lines, and discussions begin between Grant and Pemberton as to the surrender of the city and its garrison.
July 4 Pemberton surrenders the city and its garrison.