The Original BCs


We have owned four Border Collies as a family. Our current pair (Sam and Dylan) are rescue mutts who we got after buying a house in Michigan. The original BCs were Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (aka "Wolfie") and Generalette Roberta Edwardia Lee (aka "Bobbie"). Wolfie was a foundling who was with us from January, 1985, until she died in October, 1998. Bobbie was a pure-bred puppy, a descendent of champion sheep trial dogs, whom we bought from a breeder in 1988 at the age of 10 weeks. We had to put her to sleep in early December, 2002. Here are a couple of pictures of them. I may scan some more in, as time permits.


Wolfie, soon after we acquired her.

Bobbie Lee, attacking a sock-toy.